A big warm and woolly hello to the whole Woolly West Fest flock – and especially to all our new followers!

If you’ve had a look at our website lately you might be wondering what the heck is going on. Well, two things mainly:

  1. Our program will be confirmed by mid May – until then, there will still be a few random things from previous years floating around.
  2. The Chief Lit Wit may have talents in certain areas, but website construction is not one of them… bear with me while I muddle my way through the technology.

HOWEVER! I can promise you that we have YUUUUGE things on the way. A total of nine towns across Western Victoria are busy planning their workshops, exhibitions, installations, artists talks and street art. We are especially excited to welcome artist Trevor Smith to the festival, who will be displaying an astonishing history of the Southern Grampians through the medium of tea cosies. You’ll also discover the amazing story of how Coleraine’s lanolin launched Helena Rubenstein’s cosmetics empire. And all over a two week period, with Sheepvention smack bang in the middle. We recommend you book in for everything.  COMING SOON.